Terms & Additional services


Aggressive dog* 50 kn added to the price of service
Antiparasitic bath 50 kn
Nail shortening – small dog 30 kn
Nail shortening – large dog 40 kn
Ear hygiene 40 kn
Medical bath – small dog 30 kn added to the price of service
Medical bath – large dog 50 kn added to the price of service


Pack for puppies up to 6 months – getting used to our salon

As in human life, stable foundations are essential for dogs. It is easy to make puppy playfull, but it is also easy to make him traumatized. We want to prevent it as traumatized puppy will become a disgruntled dog, with a disgruntled owner and a disgruntled groomer. It takes some time to get used to the sounds, smells and our staff working in the salon. It is advisable for the dog to come to the salon once or twice a week for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes, because everything that is nice – lasts shortly. Over time, the desk, hairdryer, scissors and treats will become a normal thing, and the salon will not be bypassed by your dog in the wide arch. We provide plenty of love for animals, equipment and treats – it is up to you to bring your pet.
The package consists of 4 arrivals and the price is 100 kn.

Foster Dog Pack – getting used to our salon

More and more owners are opting for a dog from shelter and that makes us extremely happy. Therefore, as much as we think it is important to get a puppy used to grooming, we also find it important to make feel comfortable a dog from an asylum, street or inappropriate conditions. Foster dogs are often traumatized by humans, so they should be given time to regain confidence in us. It is recommended that the dog comes every couple of days for a maximum of 10 to 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes time, willpower and lots of love to make our new pet happy. Along the way don’t forget – happy pet means happy owner!
The package consists of 6 arrivals and the price is 100 kn.

* An aggressive dog does not become aggressive overnight. Aggressiveness is most often the result of negative emotions such as anger and fear. Also, the cause of aggression is often illness or inadequate care. Dogs are not beasts and do not intend to hurt other creatures, they are only dogs that feel uneasy and insecure in certain situations. The dog is not responsible for its behavior but the owner. An owner of the dog that shows signs of aggression (barking, biting) is required to attend the appointment. If the dog still does not reduce the signs of aggression, the owner is obliged to pay the full price of the service, plus 50 kn fee, regardless of the outcome of the treatment.
* By presenting a loyalty card 5 times (after each treatment), you receive 30% discount on the sixth treatment
* By bringing 2 or more dogs, you get 10% off
* The price includes nail shortening and ear hygiene